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I want to be your partner and design a financial strategy to drive your mission. I’ll help weave strategy into your accounting plan so your money can make the biggest impact.

My services are primarily delivered in the three phases outlined below. I recommend including all three phases to maximize your impact but each service can also be delivered separately, depending on your needs.

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Before getting into the nitty gritty of your financials, I want to identify your goals and values, then develop a financial roadmap to help you achieve them. I have extensive experience working with mission-driven organizations and can help outline a strategy to achieve your mission while remaining profitable for the long haul. 

I’ll get to know your business inside and out, taking a deep dive into what makes your business unique through your revenue streams and costs. I’m all about financial sustainability. I want to help you and your organization grow and advance your impact year after year.

Business Model Canvas

I use the  Business Model Canvas to help design, plan, and communicate your business model. 

The Business Model Canvas is a visual representation of your organization’s value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, and key resources and activities. It can be used to plan and communicate a new business idea or to review and improve an existing business model. It is a flexible tool that can be adapted to fit the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

If you are looking to restructure the way you manage your business, set up a consultation with me today to learn more about how I can apply the Business Model Canvas to your business plan.


Once your strategy is defined, the next phase is to take that big-picture roadmap and match it with real numbers. Many organizations fail to connect their vision with their finances, so their lofty goals are never realized. 

Budgeting doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Budgeting can be a meaningful extension of your strategy and mission. Your expenses and revenue streams are informed by your goals as an organization. 

I use the findings from your strategy to inform your budget. For example, you might identify a particular channel where you want to improve the value delivered to your customers.

In this step, I’ll work with you to define how much those activities are estimated to cost and ensure that it’s reflected in your budget and forecast.

I’m here to be your accountability partner to help ensure you are on target for your strategic and financial goals. My extensive experience with B-Corps gives this company a unique approach to combining accounting with impact.


I’m a certified public accountant dedicated to providing high-quality accounting and financial services to help your organization achieve sustainable financial success.  With your strategy and budget in place, I can help provide ongoing friendly accounting services to ensure you're hitting all your marks.

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